How to create a Hello World app in Android Studio


What is a "Hello World!"

I have not investigated properly, but it is probably the most famous app in the world. It is just a simple program to display the string "Hello World!" on the screen.

Create a "Hello World!" App

  • Start Android Studio, click the [Start a new Android Studio Project]
  • Type "HelloWorldApp" to [Application name], the other as it is, and click [Next]
  • Click [Next]
  • To make sure that "Blank Activity" is selected, and click [Next]
  • Click [Finish]

Wait a few minutes, following screen will appear.
  • Build and run the app by clicking on the triangle of green at the top of the screen. 
  • Click [OK]
  • Wait a few minutes to start the AVD, and unlock the AVD by slide (drag-and-drop) on the screen.

App is launched, and "Hello World!" is displayed.

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